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[icon] Rest in my arms, sleep in my bed
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Current Music:kanye
Subject:let's keep this shit aLIVE JOURNAL
Time:07:44 am
Current Mood:grumpygrumpy
still living in TC. right now sleeping on the couch at my best friend autumn's apartment. she lives with her sister shannon and brother in law mike. 
she is trying to leave town soon though and apparently i am moving in with shannon and mike into a new nicer apartment in december.
stupid situations and drama purging have sort of left me with these 3 as my only friends that i do anything with in this town. autumn leaving is going to be pretty rough for me but she's doing what she thinks will make her happy and i fully support that. i don't know what my plans are anymore as far as whether i want to move back to lansing or not. i truly do like a LOT about this city despite my grumblings and don't ever want to leave my job at the library here. idk. i can at least postpone that decision until i am finally stable and and get my health in order and my finances legit.
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Current Music:Elbow
Current Location:bed
Subject:"the way he speaks, it's so... weird... like an E.S.L. italian yoda."
Time:12:53 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
so i've discovered that unless for some reason the place or people are really awesome, working with food is definitely not for me. I'm making like 220 a week right now though so i can't walk away from this bakery/deli until i find employment elsewhere.

cherry festival once again, is what it is. a big fuss over not really a whole lot.
yay for economic stimulation i guess though. it's nice to have something to wander around and do with friends.
oh and elephant ears. yum

i kinda suck at work and school at the same time. Especially in a photography class where you wanna spend time just wandering around looking for good shots. 

it seems like time is on fast forward while wandering the internets at night. 

i went and saw Away We Go today. It was really funny and cute, i liked it a lot. Maya Rudolph was really impressive, i've never seen her in anything other than snl so i didn't know what to expect. There were a ton of people in the movie too, Jeff Bridges, Jim Gaffigan, Maggie Gyllenhal (sp?) i had no idea about that. I believe the mom from juno was in there too, the character i think she played was hilarious. The state played a Michael Jackson video before the movie. (They Really Don't Care About Us) and then a really funny ad for Michael Moore's upcoming movie.

alright guess i'm out of shit to muse about or at least i feel like i'd just be going on and on now.

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Current Music:Willy Mason
Current Location:safe and sound and slightly boring traverse city
Subject:If I get murdered in the city... don't go revengin' in my name
Time:02:04 am
Current Mood:shockedshocked
 Holy shit.

So i just heard from my old chicagoland friend, Carl, who moved into the city after high school that he was beaten to hell and robbed in the middle of the night two blocks from his apt. They took everything he had on him: his phone, his debit card, driver's license etc. He just put pictures up on facebook and he looks horrible. He looks like the wrestler or something from a movie. Black eyes and cuts and his actual eye balls are all red.

Makes me remember that the city isn't just cool and fun.

: S


oh yeah  also, my idea for a parody movie poster i have to do for school:

"Spare the Child things, R." 

Kinda lewd, but funny. And i can do R Kelly hiding behind the tree instead of Gandolfini's wild thing ( Carol, i think?)

If anyone else can think of a better or any word play/puns on "Where the Wild Things Are" I'd appreciate the help

*** EDIT~ I threw together a quick rendition of the idea in my head for the poster. It's suuuper sloppy (there are three WB logos at the bottom lol) but you get the idea

posterCollapse )
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Current Music:Arcade Fire
Current Location:same as it ever was
Time:01:38 am
Current Mood:busybusy
+ ME = also: has LJ been super dragging for anyone else? It's getting so annoying i'm gonna just give up on this shit if it continues much longer.
>: /
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Current Music:Paul Baribeau
Current Location:lye berry
Subject:"2009: You Fucked That Up"
Time:08:06 am
Current Mood:contemplativecontemplative
i need to get my bike back from Katie's.
not having a working car is so fucking annoying.
that coupled with my cell phone getting shut off, (everywhere i've applied has no way to contact me now) is gonna make shit really difficult for getting a job.
just got denied for unemployment too.

on a more positive note, Pat's B-day/(planned)Cd release party was sweet. Blackwater Valley Songs was fucking bangarang. Pat gave me a shot of his Patron in his R Kelly shot glasses Britton made him. I have always hated tequila but apparently the "you just need to drink the good stuff" line is true. Before the end of the night i had drank drank whiskey and vodka and of course beer the whole way through. Probably the most variety i've ever had without getting sick. I attribute it to the fact that it was all top shelf stuff.

reading a really interesting book about a guy who is what i would consider a true christian, he lives his life like Jesus supposedly did. He hangs out with the homeless and needy and spends all his time helping people. He has next to no material possessions and is all about redistribution of resources for those in need and super anticapitalist and into sustainability development. Very cool stuff. I'm not really into the god thing. at least not the christian god but i can still appreciate what he's doing.
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Current Music:Kevin M. Kirker - People Grow From Trees
Current Location:my antibiotics say no sunlight so i have to stay inside :(
Subject:500 days of summer, yes? no?
Time:12:41 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
i can't decide what i think about 500 days of summer. I love both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Also my favorite unpaid intern from the Life Aquatic, (and steve's too) is in it too - the hot Matthew Gray Gubler, so i am definitely at least going to see it. I just have read a lot of people trashing it for just trying to target the generic hipster audience while still being a trite average date movie. I assumed that about Nick and Nora too, but i just found out that one of my favorite bands, Bishop Allen, is in that movie so idk, maybe i'll check that one out too.

idk what do you think?
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Current Music:Le Tigre - My Metrocard
Current Location:Chris' House
Subject:recent video work annnnd other goings-on
Time:04:43 pm
Current Mood:boredbored
I'm working on sketching out details for 2 music video ideas right now...

one for Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) by Arcade Fire
one Big Kind Death by the Unicorns

I'm also still trying to come up with material for me and my friend Robby's comedy webshow about Forest Rangers.

The music videos are hard to explain and actually make them sound interesting or good. Yet another situation where i wish you could somehow project/record the stuff that you see playing in your head. Someday...

The Forest Rangers thing is about... Forest Rangers in MI almost like a Hey Dude! kind of feel with a tiny splash of absurdist humor mostly in the form of the consequences of neither I or Robby really knowing what a Forest Ranger does, and vowing not to do any research so their jobs will be things like filling the bear Troughs and chasing away hippies. It'd be most similar to Reno 911 But not like a fake COPS with no 4th wall.

Katie's dealing with a lot of feeling guilty about not being back home with Dan through his rough times. I also found out last nite that they plan on getting married. Like, I guess Dan's talking to her parents about it when she gets back in August. I knew they were gonna live together but this is brand new for me.

Thinking about it feels so weird. It doesn't hurt or anything, i mean theres a little there just because of the situation with who Dan is to me and how "they" started. and then because i also had proposed to Katie and got a yes, albeit while heavily intoxicated, it was still the best moment of my entire life... I don't know. But yeah, it doesn't really bug me as much as even i would think that it would. Its just crazy to think about... crazy to think about ANYONE my age getting married, but especially my best friend/ex girlfriend - and so soon. But i mean, shit, good for her, man. That's definitely proof that they really love each other. She always always mentions their "plans" which from what i can tell is to live in an Earth Ship (self sustaining house made out of recycled stuff - Look em up! seriously, they're amazing!) and live organically and all that good shit. But unfortunately those are huge plans... more like dreams. I don't think they're impossible.. just big. And with stuff how it is now with the economy and shit, just getting by will be and is already hard enough for dan.

Idk. such a weird situation. Katie still feels bad talking to me about it, but i mean if she gets enough support from other friends than she doesn't need to. She gets weepy and says that she has this vision of Us all being able to hang out somewhere down the road again and it being cool, or like me and my future girlfriend and them. She's even taken it as far as Our kids playing together which was kinda... whoah.

Before me and Katie even started dating she was telling me that she saw herself marrying me. Not saying that that's not how she legitimately felt. Just that, she's into serious relationships. I am too, i just worry that... idk... Katie and I share a lot of the same issues, whether she's realized them yet or not, I've gotten into some trouble for most of mine already, so i feel like I have at least recognized them, and even overcome some of them. What's most important to me, is that things work out for her so that she's happy in the end. She at least seems to feel like she knows what that looks like right now and thats a big step : )
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Current Music:Polka Dot Dot Dot
Current Location:Aunt & Uncle's
Subject:T.I. - One down, too many to go.
Time:11:39 pm
Current Mood:curiouscurious
Two Towers and Hitchcock night (Rear Window & The Man Who Knew Too Much), free at the State. Not quite a fair trade for the Johns Darnielle and Vanderslice. But at least i wasnt stuck inside thinking about the show.

Actually i tried getting rid of the tickets by offering them to my ex girlfriend Abby when i was told she was going. I guess she wasn't though so no dice. She actually responded to my offer though which i guess was a little bit of a surprise. When i tried to talk further though she ignored me. Thought it'd be equally as interesting to her just to trade stories about where life's taken us. Whelp Owell :/

Finally people are coming to me talking about how much they want to get a band started. It's cool. Unfortunately they are all in Lansing. :/

New Reno & Southpark tomorrow. swayyyt.
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Time:04:16 pm
Current Mood:giddygiddy
i cant even think of how to put my reaction to this trailer into words.

you know how sometimes you get so hyped up for something that is really important and meaningful to you, and you have such high expectations that you think they cant possibly be met...

this fucking breached the levees of my mind

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Current Location:everywhere
Subject:Where the Wild Things Are Poster revealed
Time:09:35 pm
~poster~Collapse )
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[icon] Rest in my arms, sleep in my bed
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